Emma Mogus

Cell Reliability Engineer at Tesla | 2015 Scholar

"I remember finding out I had received the scholarship minutes after receiving a university rejection email! I was at home with my family, feeling a little discouraged but determined to move on from being declined, and the Schulich email came through like a beacon of light. The timing of it all was almost humorous- I remember thinking "no way". Once the shock wore off, it felt like a major burden was lifted off my shoulders. I was baffled, honoured, relieved, but mostly excited! Receiving the award felt like an affirmation of my STEM abilities, that this could really be a field I'd pursue. I had never felt more excited to start university, to meet my fellow Schulich leaders, and to discover what the future had in store!"


I was born in Mississauga, Ontario Canada on November 4th 1998 and grew up in Oakville, Ontario. I have four siblings; Julia, Jack, Sabrina, and Mark (plus our dog, Scout!)


I am a Cell Reliability Engineer at Tesla in California. I help design tests to simulate battery lifetime aging and conditions in vehicles and make them safer!

The scholarship not only connected me with a network of amazing STEM leaders, but it relieved me of the necessity to work to financially support myself through university, allowing me to focus on opportunities to become a better scientist, activist, and community member!
"Prior to mid high school, I hadn't yet identified my passion for STEM, even despite my strong interest in science from a young age. It wasn't until I found inspiration in the form of my friend Tim to use technology to improve the quality of life for those living with ALS. That moment was motivated by a passion for challenges, a desire to help, and a general curiosity for the way things work, two values which I believe to be intrinsic to many scientists and engineers."
"Being a part of the Schulich Leader Network has allowed me to create friendly and professional relationships with other undergraduate females in STEM at universities across Canada, and has resulted in increased dialogue on conditions for women in STEM, and collaboration on STEM based projects!



"I was inspired by a friendship to invent a tongue controlled computer mouse for individuals with ALS which I called Tongue Interface Communication, a.k.a. TiC!"


"Entering my invention into the local Bay Area Science Fair and becoming a part of Team Canada at the 2016 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair is where my enthusiasm for the field grew, when I found myself alongside like minded individuals from around the world who were also using technology to envision (and create) a better world."


"I like to credit my upbringing in a large family (I have four siblings!). They inspired my love of volunteering and an eagerness to help others. With so many younger siblings, you simply must learn to care about the needs of others."


"At the age of 13, my older sister Julia and I cofounded Books With No Bounds, a non-profit organization to empower indigenous children in Canada and worldwide through reading, and advocate for education equality. To date, BWNB has delivered over 260 000 books and 100 000 school supplies, including computers, tablets, and e-readers. Over the last 7 years, BWNB has allowed me to foster important connections with the children and staff at schools we ship to, as well as local and global community leaders."

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