Emilie Ma


A quote that inspires you

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
— Alan Kay

An interesting fact that is not known about you

Besides computer science, I also have a variety of quite niche creative hobbies. My main interests are graphic design, playing piano and alto saxophone, and bookbinding, but I have penchants for calligraphy, baking, and writing as well.

What are your future aspirations or dreams?

I haven’t decided if I’d like to go into academia or work in the industry yet, but I do know that what I want to make an impact with is technology. One of my dreams is innovating on the underlying structures of the web, expanding on my past work to build, extend, and create new experiences. I also aspire to lead my own research startup one day, looking at how computer science and human-computer-interactions can shape interactions and the world.