Raven Caron

Applied Science

A quote that inspires you

“Perseverance and determination alone are omnipotent” – Calvin Coolidge

An interesting fact that is not known about you

Music and Coffee are the two grounding elements in my life. I have Designed 24 high fidelity speaker systems and grown a vast collection of audiophile equipment and headphones. I have worked in Cafe’s for the past 6 years, and have a niche setup for brewing Specialty Pourover coffee in my room.

What are your future aspirations or dreams?

Above anything, I want to close Socio-economic gaps between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Canadians. As an Indigenous youth in Engineering, and Entrepreneurship, I feel a natural responsibility to understand my family’s history and culture while pursuing Reconciliation. My greatest impact in Reconciliation is to bring other Indigenous youth into the fields of STEM with opportunity and representation. This is Canada’s future, not just an Indigenous future. We all have a responsibility to be leaders in our country; this is how I wish to lead.