Canada's most coveted STEM scholarships

Canada's most coveted STEM scholarships

Canada's most coveted STEM scholarships

Canada's most coveted STEM scholarships

Canada's most coveted STEM scholarships

What are Schulich Leader Scholarships?
Schulich Leader Scholarships are Canada’s most coveted undergraduate STEM scholarships. Up to one hundred are awarded to entrepreneurial-minded high school graduates enrolling in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math program at 20 partner universities across Canada. Half are valued at $100,000 for engineering scholarships and half are valued at $80,000* for science and math scholarships. Schulich Leaders benefit from an immersive network that will accelerate their career trajectory and access to invaluable resources.

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Annual Scholarships

Other Program Benefits

Campus welcome tours

Schulich Leaders are ushered into university life with a host of media recognition, access to liaise with Deans and faculty, while taking advantage of their Schulich Leader Squad for mentorship and social opportunities!
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Regional events

Each fall, the Schulich Leader Network hosts a kick-off event called SLXCA to connect with fellow scholars from across the country through immersive experiences that foster community and inspire each other to reach their highest potential.

Mentorship from university leadership

Each semester, Schulich Leaders are hosted by university leadership through group mentorship sessions and unique campus experiences to foster a growth mindset!

Learn from industry leaders

Throughout the year, Schulich Leaders hear from industry leaders, who are tackling the world's most complex challenges and producing game-changing technological solutions.

Access to top STEM employers

The secret is out and now the multi-national corps, national R&D programs, and burgeoning startups, target the Schulich Leaders through exclusive job fairs. Here, scholars can foster relationships with highly desirable employers offering coop and entry-level opportunities.


Creating the next generation of technology innovators

Schulich Leader Scholarships enable Canada's best and brightest youth to devote their full time and attention to their studies and innovation pursuits. All of their financial needs are covered over the course of their Bachelor's degree. As a result, many of our highest potential students are winning these scholarships and will make game-changing contributions to our society.
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Seymour Schulich

“A hundred years from now, it will not matter what your bank account was, the sort of house you lived in, or the kind of car you drove, but the world may be different because you were important in the life of a young person.”

— Forest Witcraft